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What are levy, wage garnishment and lien

A levy is a legal seizure of assets taken in order to satisfy a tax debt, and can be attached to bank accounts, securities, real property and wages. When the IRS issues a Levy, you loose access to your full paycheck and bank accounts, unless the tax debt is repaid or the Levy is released.

Wage Garnishment (or Wage Levy) follows the same concept as a Levy, but in this case the taxpayer's employer is notified and instructed to withhold a certain amount of that person's weekly wages and pay it instead directly to the IRS. Employer is mandated to garnish parts of your paycheck and remit funds to the IRS, so it won't do you any good trying to convince your boss not to do so. Garnishment continues until the entire tax debt is paid off. But it can be stopped if you make arrangements with the IRS.

A Federal tax lien is a collection action that essentially gives the Government a legal right to claim your property as security or payment for your tax debt before the IRS. By filing a Notice of Federal Tax Lien, the IRS is publicly telling the taxpayer's creditors that it has a claim on all of their property, including property acquired after the IRS Tax Lien has been filed.

How can we help you

To receive help settling your tax debt, contact us for a free consultation. One of our tax professionals, not a sales person, will take you through a short 15-20 minutes interview to get familiar with your tax issue. You will be asked some short questions about your monthly income, your expenses and what assets you have. We will file Power of Attorney with the IRS and obtain your tax account history for the years in question. Once we have your complete history, we will analyze your case, and explain to you tax relief options and what you should expect to pay to the IRS to settle your entire debt.

Next we will send you a written proposal, describing your IRS debt resolution options you may be qualified for. Our proposal will include a fee structure for each of the available options. Consider all of them thoroughly and once you make a decision, contact us and we'll start working on your case immediately.

Laws on wage garnishment can be tricky, trying to solve the problem on your own can bring more damage. Rely on our professional help and we will assist you with the wage garnishment release.

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